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Grounds and office outside space services.

At Celtic Groundscaping we believe in using eco and animal friendly methods and products.So that we can help improve the world and environment.   
As standard we remove the waste with no extra charge. We work with a local company who collects it from us, who then deposes of it with it in an eco friendly way.
We have a range of products that we can use on your premises that are eco friendly, animal friendly products we use. 

office and commercial services

  • Grass cutting 

  • hedge cutting and shaping

  • weeding 

  • chemical weed treatments

  • Grass services (see lawn care page)

  • complete Grounds Maintenance tailored to your needs and site

  • Planting new plants and improving plants

  • pressure washing.

  • Winter services e.g car park gritting

Let us help maintain and improve your outside spaces

We are always happy to help and give advice on your outside space. 

All quotes are clear and easy to understand. So you can easily see what services are being quoted for. 

We can work to a budget and advise what is achievable. 

Feel free to contact us and see how we can help.

Ground maintenance: Service
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