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There are different ways to prepare for and lay a patio.  The simplest and therefore, most cost effective way is to dig a shallow foundation and lay slabs onto a dry sand and cement mix and brush the dry mix into the paving joints.  We prefer to use a comprehensive foundation – minimum 120mm depth with a ground sheet covered by 50mm hardcore and topped with a dry sand and cement mix.
This lets water permeate through the joins allowing natural water drainage, and stops water build up and need for soak a ways.
We use brush in sands which allow water to pass through them

Cobble Road
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We are lawn care experts, this means we understand what your new lawn will need.
We prepare the area for your new lawn by rotorvating the area, checking the soil type you have in your garden. We then will add top soil or a mix of top soil and sand if the area requires this. We the rake the area and make sure it is ready for turf or seed. We would then lay your new turf or seed. After turf is laid we may bored walk it or roller it.
We will leave you with a information sheet letting you know how to care for your new lawn. and when you can go onto it.
We will even do the first cut if you wish.


We are happy to build you raised bed to the sizes you require.

Our main method of build raised beds are out of new pressure treated rail way sleepers. We have many ways to surcruer raise beds, post systems where a post is driven into the ground inside of the bed.

Another system we use is where a foundation is put in along with metal bars which we drill the sleepers and place them over the bars ad once the bed is at the correct height we bolt the sleepers down and cut the rest of the bar off.

Raised bed sizes we recommend

  • 0.6m by 2.4m when access will be from one side only

  • 1.2m by 2.4 m when access can be from all sides.

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We are happy to lay new concrete base for many uses like sheds or other work areas.
For concrete bases we will talk to you what it will be used for and then advise on the best method to lay the base. Be this laying a straight concrete block or putting down the correct amount of sub base to meet the weight or use for the base.
We use this process for the concrete paths as well.


A great alternative to turf. it easy to maintain and looks great all year round. for those with busy lives and want an easy and near maintenance free garden. We have many years experience installing this product. We will measure up and install your selected grass.

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We work closely with garden designer. We under take all the soft landscaping and the small hard landscaping projects. We are happy to offer advice on larger hard landscaping projects.
Unlike other landscaping company's we know there are some projects that are just to big for us.

Landscaping: Our Services
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